un peace efforts suffer huge blow pm urges nationals to vote their choice (2)

UN peace efforts suffer huge blow, PM urges nationals to vote their choice

The peace keeping efforts initiated by the United Nations have suffered a huge blow as the Libyan eastern parliament has passed a no-confidence vote in the country’s unity government.

Post the result, the prime minister Abdul Hamid Mohammed Dbeibah had called on Libyans to go and express themselves by casting their votes without a miss. He said, “go out and express your opinion.” It is a crucial time for his government given the fact that eastern parliament has already withdrawn the vote of confidence.

He said this as he witnessed a football match in al-Zawiya on Wednesday. “No to war, no to division, yes to elections,” added Dbeibah. The house of representatives stressed that the decision of the parliament to withdraw the confidence vote was a ‘void’ as it straight away violates the constitutional procedures as well as the previously agreed by the two parties.

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The prime minister further stated that the country can function together if we show our strength through unity and integrity. He did not directly make any comments on the representatives’ decision on the government. The PM further emphasised that Libyans are the actual owners of the word and legitimacy.

Libya is torn between two functioning governments. The High Council of State and the Government of National Unity are caught between their fight for power. If things were to go as per peace efforts of the United Nations then the country would have witnessed elections on December 24.

Last week, the eastern parliament speaker Aguila Saleh had passed a law that allowed presidential elections to take place in December but it was opposed by another body which stressed that thelgisltaion is flawed. They also added that the law was unilaterally passed by Saleh.