US Secretary Anthony Blinken

US Secretary of State J. Blinken has called on the Somali government to hold immediate election

A statement from Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said it was important for the Somali government to hold by-elections on time. Blinken emphasized the need to hold elections as soon as possible without delay.

The statement said the United States concerned about the current political situation in Somalia, which was “unpredictable” due to the delay in the elections and the ongoing dispute over the electoral commissions.

The statement said: The election controversy has plunged the country into political turmoil, insecurity and is hampering the country’s development. We call on the Somali government and its member states to put aside their differences, take responsibility for the Somali people and agree on a free and fair election as soon as possible. ”

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This message is directly relevant to the outgoing government who want to remain in office illegally after failing to hold elections in this country. On the other hand, electoral disputes between the central government and the administration have escalated, making the political situation in the country unpredictable.

The report also showed that the current disputes weakens the progress made so far, we need to quickly make reforms to have to restructure to Somalia to go forward the process of debt relief.

The report also states that the United States supports the right of Somali citizens to protest peacefully and strongly opposes the use of violence by any group. We call on the Somali leadership to safeguard the future of the country and reach an agreement to hold parliamentary and presidential elections as soon as possible.