whatsapp to introduce new 'view once' feature for text messages

WhatsApp To Introduce New ‘View-Once’ Feature For Text Messages

WhatsApp, an internationally used mobile application, is working on a new update and the feature, which is expected to arrive soon. WhatsApp wants to introduce a new ‘View-Once’ feature for text messages.

With the new feature, people can send pictures, videos, and texts to recipients, who can only view them once on their smartphone. The beta build of WhatsApp will include a ‘view-once’ option for texts, pictures and videos. While sending a text, the user will notice the green send button appear with a small lock icon. Reportedly, under the new view-once feature, no screenshots, forwarding or copying of the content would be allowed.

WhatsApp did not announce the official date for the release of this new feature. The user would be able to send texts, images and videos, which recipients can only view once. 

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The app has more than 2 billion active users on iOS and Android. WhatsApp always rolls out new features every month for iOS, Android and Web users in order to keep their data safe and secure.

Recently, WhatsApp launched various features, including messaging yourself, making a group with yourself, polls and avatars. These are available in the updated version of the app.

The new feature of WhatsApp allows users to send messages to their own phone numbers. Those messages would also be delivered to their linked devices. WhatsApp also introduced the poll option to allow users to ask questions and get real-time answers. WhatsApp also rolled out the new Avatar feature that allows users to create their personalised Avatar and set it as a profile picture. Under the new feature, users can also create and send a WhatsApp call link from the Calls tab and other people can join the call directly from the link. The new feature also allows WhatsApp users to undo the ‘Delete for Me’ message within a few seconds.