facebook, instagram and whatsapp users can now bundle account settings

Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp users can now bundle account settings

Meta always rolls out new features for the safety of the users. Meta has now announced the ‘Accounts Center’ feature. This will be helpful for users who use Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp.

Under the ‘Accounts Center’ feature, social media users can manage their preferences across all their Meta accounts, including WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook and Messenger. The users can bundle and put all account settings in one place from a centralised hub.

Meta said in a blog post that the feature would help those who use more than one app of the company. Meta reportedly said in a statement, “Things like Personal details, Passwords, security, and Advertisement preferences will now live in a centralised place.”

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The users can add multiple accounts in the Accounts Center. According to Meta, users can also remove their accounts easily at any point in time. They can also add more than one account in the same Accounts Center.

Meta said that the changes would be rolled out to everyone on Facebook, Messenger and Instagram in the coming months. 

Meta is also making some changes in ad settings controls. The company has said, “We know people want more control over the advertisements they see, so we are exploring new ways to give people the ability to see more ads about the things that interest them.”

According to WABetaInfo, WhatsApp is also working on a new feature that would be helpful for web users. Under the new feature, WhatsApp will allow desktop users to select multiple chats.  WhatsApp is also working on another feature called the ‘report status feature’, which will allow users to report suspicious status updates to Meta. These features would also be released soon for testing.