Zimbabwe Cricket Reinstated, Team Remains Suspended Though

Last updated on September 11th, 2021 at 03:30 pm

After a tussle that threatened to interfere with livelihoods of both male and female cricketers in Zimbabwe, the SRC headed the ICC’s call and reinstated the Zimbabwe Cricket Board. The Board had been dismissed by the SRC in June and a new board had been instated in its place. The ICC in return suspended ZC citing political involvement which is against their constitution.

According to Dawn, The ZC must now appoint a new CEO who is approved by the ICC.

Zimbabwe Cricket (ZC)’s leadership under chairman Tavengwa Mukuhlani will be allowed to return to their jobs after a court settlement was reached late on Thursday with the government-appointed Sports and Recreation Commission (SRC).

The court settlement between the SRC and Zimbabwe Cricket stipulates that ZC must now appoint a new chief executive officer who is approved by the ICC. The agreement also gives players a voice on the board with a provision for a former international to be added to the board to represent their interests. The ex-player will be one of two new board members.

The ICC, however, has not commented on this latest development and had said they will review Zimbabwe’s case in October 2019. As it stands, ZC remains suspended despite the latest development