abdelhafid belaili my son was cheated in brest and robbed in ajaccio

Abdelhafid Belaili “My son was cheated in Brest and robbed in Ajaccio”.

The player’s manager, Youcef Belaili, has made sweeping statements about his player’s time in the French league, with Stade Brestois Brestois and AC Ajaccio, both of which ended in disappointment. Abdelhafid Belaili, who is also the father of the Algerian international, speaks of these experiences with pain and without concession.

“My son was cheated at Brest. He was the victim of manager Mourad Ibri, as well as the club president,” he told El-Heddaf TV. This was in response to the Breton club’s president, Denis Le Saint, who, in an interview with the French press, pointed the finger at Youcef Belaili’s lack of professionalism. “He didn’t share the club’s values, and he had to leave fairly quickly because his behaviour didn’t suit us,” he said.

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Abdelhafid Belaili goes even further when talking about Ajaccio. “Youssef was robbed of a million euros by Ajaccio. My son is a disciplined player. He was duped by the teams he played for”.

He denies the amount of his salary

The player’s manager also denied reports that Belaili is earning a salary in excess of 2 billion centimes with Mouloudia d’Alger. “The figures that are being bandied about have no basis in fact. Youcef wanted to play for Mouloudia. He’s a competitor. He’s aiming for the league title, the Algerian Cup and the African Cup next season. His ambition is to return to the national team and win the third African Cup in Algeria’s history,” adds Belaili’s father, without revealing the real salary that his son and player will receive when he joins Mouloudia of Algiers.