adam the first, ghana’s first sci fi feature

Adam The First, Ghana’s First Sci-Fi Feature: All Details Inside

Adam The First, which is dubbed as Ghana’s first sci-fi feature, has launched its teaser. M Sayibu, a Ghanaian American Writer/Director, is currently seeking distribution for the film in North America.

M Sayibu, who previously was in the U.S. Air Force, came up with the story of the feature film. He didn’t have much money to spend on his upcoming sci-fi feature but he bet on the story.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, he shot the movie ‘Adam The First’ over thirty days in Ghana. Most parts of the film were shot in Sege, a town located in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana. 

Sayibu told the media, “I’ve always loved the grand scale. I shot it that way. I communicated with my director of photography, We don’t have money, but what we can do is make this feel like we do.”

‘Adam The First’ shooting

The shooting of Adam The First took place in Ghana. Sege served as a key location for an alien planet. The Batu Project: Adam the First took 30 days to complete. Sayibu said about the location, “There was nothing there. You are not in Ghana or on Earth anymore.”

Cast of ‘Adam The First’

The cast of ‘Adam The First’ include Bex, a Ghanaian actor. Bex is best known for Freetown (2015). The feature film also includes Majeed Suhuyini, Naa Ashorkor Mensa-Doku, Samira Suhuyini, Jacob Ayanaba and Nikita Nuel.

‘Adam The First’ storyline

Adam arrives on Tiamat, a world with no life forms, with a mission to activate an ancient outpost in order to start a process that will save his people. However, all is not well. The genre of the film is Sci-Fi. 

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Details of ‘Adam The First’

Country of origin: Ghana

Language: English

Filming locations: Sege, Dodowa, Dangme West, Greater Accra, Ghana

Production company: SEG Cineland

Cinematographer: Karl Macs Gbomitta 

‘Adam The First’ release date

The film will be released in Ghana on January 5, 2024.