adedoyin and two hotel workers to die by hanging for killing an oau student

Adedoyin and two hotel workers to die by hanging for killing an OAU student

An Osun State High Court in Osogbo, a city in Nigeria, sentenced the owner of Hilton Honours Hotel, Rahmon Adedoyin, to death by hanging for killing a student of Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU) named Timothy Adegoke.

Justice Adepele Ojo delivered the final judgment in the court proceeding. The Judge also sentenced two members of staff of the Hilton hotel, Adeniyi Aderogba and Kazeem Oyetunde, to death by hanging. She also said that they tried to hide the evidence of the student’s death by removing CCTV cameras in the hotel and doctoring lodgers’ statements.

She found the hotel owner guilty of murder, conspiracy and concealing evidence. The judge sentenced him to 25 years imprisonment for murdering the student and death by hanging. Other two workers reportedly participated in the crime by dumping the corpse of Adegoke inside the bush and burning the bedspreads used by the student. The judge also sentenced them to death by hanging. 

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Three other hotel workers – Magdalene Chiefuna, Oluwole Lawrence and Adebayo Kunle – were not found guilty. The last defendant, Adedeji Adesola, was found guilty of concealing evidence. However, her counsel, Okon Edet, said she never wanted to conceal evidence. The counsel reportedly said, “My Lord, please, temper justice with mercy in sentencing her. She is a young person.”

This month, the hotel owner described how the body of Timothy Adegoke was dumped in the bush on Ile-Ife-Ede Road on November 7, 2021. He also dumped Adegoke’s laptop, mobile phone and bag. The student was found dead in a room in the hotel.

Last year, the Nigerian police filed charges against Rahmon Adedoyin, and six others over the death of Adegoke. 

The judge presented several pieces of evidence to the court. Reading the evidence, the judge announced the final judgment.