africa’s technology changes perspectives on the continent

Africa’s technology changes perspectives on the continent

The recent wave of technological innovation coming out of Africa is transforming how Africans view the continent, according to a new report that includes the thoughts of 4,500 Africans from Kenya, Nigeria, and Ghana who participated in the poll.

Four out of five respondents (84.6%) said “yes” when asked whether recent advancements in African technology have altered their opinions of the continent.

The study found that 9 out of 10 (91.7%) respondents are likely to use technological products created in Africa, and 9 out of 10 (91.8%) respondents are inclined to characterise Africans as innovative and entrepreneurial.

According to a survey, 29.8% of respondents who were asked which African technology stories they were most interested in reading about were “financing tales,” which were closely followed by “expansion stories” (28%) and “partnership stories” (27%).

Education is thought to have been the sector most impacted by technological innovation in Africa over the past two years, according to the Africa Innovation Impact Report, which was created by Talking Drum Communications, a public relations and communications firm that works with African technology companies, and Survey54, an artificial intelligence-powered market research firm.

More than leisure (15.1%) and financial services (18.3%).

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The exponential rise in investment for technology firms in recent years has helped to shape a new innovation narrative in Africa. Funding for African startups expanded 2x faster than the world average between 2020 and 2021, in addition to an 18x increase in investment between 2015 and 2021.

Beyond the tales of acquisitions and multimillion-dollar fundraising rounds, there are also the tales of the people these technologies were created to assist. According to the Africa Innovation Impact Report, the main benefit of Africa’s expanding digital economy is employment generation (51%).

More so than the younger population’s exposure to technology (29.3%), the expansion of financial inclusion (12.4%), or the opportunity to solve infrastructure gaps on the continent (7.1%).

Olugbeminiyi Idowu, the founder and managing director of Talking Drum Communications, commented on the report’s findings: “Our aim with the report is to capture the impact of Africa’s emerging innovation narrative beyond anecdotes and hearsay and contribute to the conversation about how we keep things moving forward.”

According to the information, innovation from Africa is not only transforming how people think and feel about themselves as Africans and how they live and work, but it is also increasing the desire for more innovation. Both African customers and international investors have an increasing thirst for these advances, and the prospects for the future are very exciting.