Algerian Sacred Change Endorsed On Record Low Turnout

Last updated on September 11th, 2021 at 08:17 am

There has been a motion to amend the constitution, the need for a constitutional reform is now or never for the citizens of Algeria so as to reduce the political loophole in the constitution.

The changed content passed with 66.8 percent of the vote, National Independent Elections Authority (ANIE) boss Mohamed Charfi told a news meeting, noticing that the activity occurred in the shadow of the Covid pandemic.

Charfi had before reported turnout of simply 23.7 percent, a noteworthy low for a significant vote.

The system “needed to break the energy of the Hirak by diminishing its requests to an insignificant modification of the constitution”, Algeria master Hasni Abidi told the press.

Now that the constitutional reform as been approved in Algeria, it’s left to be seen how this constitutional reform will affect the country positively.