between algeria morocco and tunisia where are the frenchs favorite travel destinations

Between Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia, where are the French’s favorite travel destinations?

Each month, the Orchestra Barometer ranks the most popular and best-selling French destinations during this period. In fact, a new ranking for July has been released, showing the status of the top 20 most popular tourist destinations for French people. The new ranking, presented in the form of the Top 20, chose the French metropolises as the most popular travel destinations for French people in July. Spain came in second, with a slight change in business volume in 2022, at 4% year-on-year. Traveling to the Maghreb: Where are the French’s favorite travel destinations?

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In July 2023, the Orchestra Barometer ranked Tunisia 3rd on their list of best-selling travel destinations. The ranking, published by l’Écho Sightseeing, is followed by Greece at No. 4, Egypt at No. 6 and Morocco at No. 7. Additionally, Italy slipped to his 8th place on this list with a +16% business volume.

Meanwhile, the Dominican Republic ranks him ninth in this classification, ahead of Portugal, who ranks her tenth. In the orchestra’s top 20, Mauritius is ranked 11th, while Thailand and Mexico are ranked 12th and 13th respectively.

In addition to these destinations, the ranking continues, with Tanzania at 14th, the United States at 15th and Martinique at 16th. The top 20 most popular travel destinations for French people in July 2023 include Croatia at No. 17, Jordan at No. 18, the United Arab Emirates at No. 19 and finally the bottom of this list at No. 20. Includes Finland. As you can see, Algeria is not included in this ranking. This means that the country is not among the destinations that the French choose for their summer holidays.

Still, Algeria continues to make efforts to boost tourism and attract more foreign tourists.