//Breaking: Opposition leaders say fraud in the election in Tanzania

Breaking: Opposition leaders say fraud in the election in Tanzania

Opposition candidate has affirmed that there has been suspected fraud in the just concluded elections in Tanzania, the opposition said there were snippet of rigging by incumbent President John Magufuli.

Tundu Lissu affirmed on Thursday there were abnormalities, incorporating voting booth stuffing in Wednesday’s vote. He has approached allies to dissent calmly.

Lissu was one of 14 applicants testing President John Magufuli, whose CCM party has been in power since 1961. Right’s gatherings have censured a slide into dictatorship over the most recent quite a while.

“We won’t acknowledge anything emerging from the previous democratic in light of the fact that it was damaged by abnormalities at all stages, ” Lissu said.

As things stand president John Magufuli is the favorite to win the election, Opposition candidate Tundu Lissu has been the main opposition championing the fraud cause in the just concluded elections.