Parliamentary Seats

Burkina Faso: Kabore’s Party Fails To Secure Lion’s Share Parliamentary Seats

Last updated on September 11th, 2021 at 08:13 am

President Marc Kaboré’s party has failed to clinch major political parliamentary seat in the country, despite winning the presidential election. This has come has a shock to political experts in the country.

The constituent commission reported that the decision party just got 56 seat and thusly doesn’t arrive at the total lion’s share of 64 seats, out of a sum of 127. Kabore’s gathering which won the as of late closed political decision in the first round with 57.87%, can anyway acquire this lion’s share through an alliance with other minor united gatherings.

Political examiners presently point at conceivable relationship between Kabores’ gathering and the New Times party that has a place with current Minister of Transport, Vincent Dabilgou, which upheld his bid.

It can likewise depend on other little gatherings, for example, the Union for the Renaissance/Sankarist Party that secured 5 seats, the RPI with 3 seats and the PDC that has 3 seats.

Now that there has been a political change in major parliamentary seats, this would likely affect the next election in 2024 in Burkina Faso, as the opposition will be seeking to take back the presidential seat.