burkina faso protesters call for president roch kabores resignation after deadly militant attacks

Burkina Faso: Protesters Call for President Roch Kabore’s Resignation After Deadly Militant Attacks

 Ouagadougou Ouagadougou – On Tuesday, thousands of protesters came on the street. They demanded President Roch Kabore resignation as he failed to save 28 soldiers and four civilians that were killed by militants.

No less than 32 individuals, including 28 military cops and four regular citizens, were killed in an assault on a gendarmerie station in northern Burkina Faso. 

The government announced the fee was temporary as of Monday. The assault is the deadliest endured by Burkina Faso troops since 2017. 

Around 300 people protested on the roads of central Ouagadougou, requesting Kabore to resign and requesting the flight of French forces that watch the West African country searching for the Islamists group. 

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Many see the presence of European soldiers in Burkina Faso and adjoining Mali and Niger as a lightning pole for assaults. For quite a long time, Burkina Faso had been excused from the jihadist violence seen across the line in Mali. 

As per Reuters, one of the demonstrators, Mohamed Komsongo, stated, “we are essentially requesting Kabore to leave”. “He has been incompetent since he came to power and failed to protect citizens, due to which we have faced a large number of casualties.