NEWS: President Roch Kaboré Wins Elections In Burkina Faso

Last updated on September 11th, 2021 at 08:14 am

President Roch Kaboré has won the election in Burkina Faso, he’s therefore re-elected as the president of Burkina Faso for a second term in office. President Kaboré was the favourite to win the elections, so it hasn’t come as a surprise.

Eddie Komboïgo, competitor of the gathering of previous President Blaise Compaoré, comes next with 15.48% of the vote followed by Zephirin Diabré (12.46%), considered the head of the resistance up until now.

The validity of the political decision is likewise being addressed, as distress has cut off enormous pieces of the area, leaving residents unfit to project voting forms. As per the discretionary board, almost 166,000 potential new citizens couldn’t be enrolled.