in sudan one person was killed in an anti coup demonstration

In Sudan, one person was killed in an anti-coup demonstration

Last updated on November 15th, 2021 at 11:15 am

 Sudan Sudan –  In a crackdown on anti-coup protests on Saturday, Sudanese security forces killed at least one protester. This happened after the military consolidated its grip by forming a new ruling council. The move comes roughly three weeks after top commander Abdel Fattah al-Burhan deposed the government and imprisoned civilian leaders. “Live bullets” struck other demonstrators in Khartoum’s twin city. “The military’s mission is not to be in power or in politics,” the demonstrators cry, “but to preserve the constitution, which Burhan turned against after swearing to uphold it.”

 According to Ahmed Abdelrahman, “Our demand is for the military council to be deposed and the civilian administration to be reinstated. We are fed up with military control and hope that no soldier will ever rule us. “The protests took place despite the presence of substantial security forces in Khartoum, including military police and paramilitary troops, and the closure of bridges connecting the city to neighboring cities.

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 Security personnel also blocked roads leading to the army headquarters in Khartoum, which was the location of a major sit-in in 2019 that resulted in the overthrow of dictatorial ruler Omar al-Bashir. All the demonstrators seem to be chanting is “Civilian rule.” The military’s takeover on October 25 sparked considerable international outrage, with citizens calling for the country’s democratic transition to be restored. Burhan’s appointment as the leader of a new ruling sovereign council, which excludes the country’s major civilian group, drew further censure from the West on Thursday.

Military and civilian members of a new ruling council were sworn in before Burhan on Friday. Three former rebel commanders who were selected for the new Sovereign Council but were members of the previous one did not attend the ceremony. They had previously voted against the military takeover. The newly appointed council includes a number of new and lesser-known civilian representatives.