President farmajo

Candidates’ Union imposes strict conditions on election disputes and Farmajo is in political turmoil

The Union of Candidates met with representatives of the international community and the meeting was held on Zoom to discuss the current crisis in Somalia, especially the disputed elections, the meeting came after it failed attempt by Prime Minister Roble to mediate between the opposition and the illegitimate Farmajo government.

The union has issued a statement to the international community. In the statement, they discussed their demands and the conditions related current political disagreements against transition government. The statement stated that Farmajo did not want to hold free elections in the country and that he had closed the political atmosphere by using Gorgor’s forces to attack opposition leaders and protesters, an act of tyranny.

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However the union of candidates has placed strict conditions on the current dispute. The union issued these requirements.

1. That the outgoing President must hand over power to the National Assembly, including the two Houses of Parliament. This means that Farmajo is an illegitimate president and his government is a transitional government so he needs to step down.

2. To reach a final agreement on the three contentious elements of the existing electoral administration structure, the Somaliland issue and the Gedo region. The most controversial issue is Farmajo’s outspoken rejection, which states that he is not ready for elections in the country.

3. To create a political environment, including freedom of expression, holding meetings, campaigns, freedom of expression and equal access to the national media. This article is the most important in light of the events of 19 February.

4. The resignation of the commanders of the armed forces, especially the National Army, Intelligence and Police, who are accused of taking part in attacks against the candidates and the peaceful protesters.

5. That the Council of Presidential Candidates be directly involved in the electoral negotiations and consultations.

6. To expedite the election, and the schedule to be issued shall not exceed 60 days

7. That the presidential election be held at the same venue as in February 2017.

However these factors are exacerbating the situation for Farmajo who is already in political turmoil, and the implementation of these conditions seems to be difficult for Farmajo who wants to return to the country for whatever reason.