Somali President Farmajo

Farmajo’s government is illegitimate, putting political Turmoil in the country

There is no greater violation than trampling the constitution, the lack of elections and the oppression of the people as does the illegitimate Farmajo. Farmajo’s government is illegitimate, with no government immunity, and Farmajo should have resigned as he failed to hold elections in the country, since he also lost public confidence.

Has the Opposition Guard become a militia group? The government is covering up its brutal crackdown on opposition leaders who were protesting peacefully, arguing that security guards of opposition leaders were militia groups that attacked the national army. This is baseless and fake news.

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The main function of the government is to uphold the supremacy of the constitution and its implementation. The government started break the law at its first two years. Chairman of Parliament Mr.Jawaari has fired. Government took control of government institutions. PM of the country Mr. Khaire has ousted within 7 minutes. By February 8 the government was to vacate the post as it had failed to hold elections. From that day on, Farmajo’s government was an illegitimate government.

The opposition candidates’ council announced that they would not recognize Farmajo’s government after February 8, which means it is illegal. President Farmajo is an illegitimate president according to the opposition statements.

On Friday the 19th of this month, the Union of Candidates staged a peaceful protest in the capital with their supporters. They were shouting we don’t want Farmajo, let Farmajo fall and other words.

Unfortunately, the government used national army and directly open fire to protesters. It was not ashamed of people protesting peacefully, it did not respect the party leaders who were expressing their feelings peacefully just stickers and writing words. Instead security forces opened fire on civilians and many were harmed.

The government is using repression and threats against the people and the opposition through various forces, leaving the country in a state of unnecessary chaos and political turmoil. Somalia needs a flexible leader who will bring development to the country, not a leader who is creating chaos in the country at this time like Farmajo.