COVID-19 Warehouse Looted In Nigeria

Last updated on September 11th, 2021 at 08:18 am

There have been series looting in Nigeria particularly because of the growing poverty rate in the country.

On Monday, a distribution center containing food proposed for helpless families influenced by COVID-19 was discharged in Abuja, an international writer announced.

Occupants of the government capital plundered a distribution center of Cacovid, a private asset to battle against Covid-19 that funds a food bank.

By walking or by motorbike, many occupants crossed the city stacked with boxes of food.

Nigeria, the main monetary force on the African landmass because of its oil, is additionally the nation on the planet with the biggest number of individuals living underneath the extraordinary destitution.

The looting occured in many state in Nigeria, some looters has been caught by security personnel while other looters has disappeared without leaving a trace.