Desert Radio’s Dubz nominated for Zikomo Awards

Desert Radio host Whilzahn Gelderbloem, alias Dubz, has been nominated for a Zikomo Africa Award. Dubz has more than seven years of expertise in broadcast media and various entertainment industries.

Dubz and Touch FM host Helvi Hishekwa were both nominated for best African female radio presenter of the year. They are one of 55 other Namibian artists who have received nominations in the recent months.

On October 15, the awards ceremony is set to take place at the Ciela Resort in Lusaka, Zambia.

Dubz, who also presents “The Wave” and “The Rush Hour” on Desert Radio and works as an actress and voice actor, expresses her happiness at the nomination.

After being nominated for the 2020 Simply You Lifestyle and Fashion Awards, she has now received a second award.

I’m honored by the nomination; it seems like Africa is our rival in this contest. This is pretty great, and without all the love and support I’ve had from everyone over the years in radio, I never would have made it here,” adds Dubz.

She claims that if she succeeds, she would have the opportunity to address the country on living your passion every day.

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She says, “I’m here to encourage young girls and boys that you can become anything you want to be and especially pursue something you love, no matter where you come from.”

Samuel Shines, a rising talent, received a nomination for best new musician of the year at the Zikomo Africa Awards.

“To represent the Land of the Brave on such a large stage is simply an honor. Being new to the field, this is undoubtedly my first nomination, and whether or not I take home any prizes, this will go down in history,” according to Shines.

Nadula Hainane, the brand ambassador for the awards, lobbied for more Namibians to be recognized and expressed her happiness with the final list of nominees.

According to Hainane, this is a diversified forum with many different celebrities from the African continent and other. She advises nominees to represent the country professionally.

“I am incredibly thrilled and delighted to know that there is promise in Namibia when it comes to the entertainment business as an ambassador for the Zikomo Africa Awards in Namibia.”

She claims that she has a constant desire to see Namibia’s industry develop so that it can compete internationally.

“We choose that because “those who work in the entertainment industry use their talents to create programs for the public or listeners to enjoy. In order to prevent life in Namibia from devolving into a mundane grind, this is where we offer the much-needed change,” claims Hainane.