chinese company enters ethiopia's entertainment industry

Chinese company enters Ethiopia’s entertainment industry

Five Star Elevator Manufacturing Private Limited Company (PLC), a Chinese-owned and locally operated business, announced its official entry into Ethiopia’s entertainment sector at a ceremony hosted at the Hilton Hotel in the country’s capital, Addis Abeba.

The corporation presented a significant event called “Afro Vision Fashion Show,” involving modern dance, a fashion show, and musical performance through its subsidiary Five Star Entertainment Company in late August 2022 in front of diplomats, Ethiopian government leaders, and local artists.

One of the many dancers trained by the Five Star Entertainment Company is 20-year-old model Nardos Nigussie.

In a recent interview with Xinhua, Nigussie noted, “The company has given the much-needed platform where passionate Ethiopian young people like me can demonstrate their talent to promote Ethiopian culture.”

In an effort to attract more consumers in Africa and beyond, the organization has already established its own musical band, two dancing groups dubbed Iconic Divas and Royal Flash, and an idol trainees team.

Nigussie expressed appreciation for the company’s dedication to assisting people who are desirous of showcasing their talent but were unable to do so owing to financial restrictions: “We are offered a series of instruction on dancing, vocalizing, and acting for free.”

Nigussie thanked the business for providing education and job possibilities, noting that the dancing group normally promotes culture and peace at various events including fashion shows and musical performances.

Another member of the Iconic Divas dance troupe is Helina Yetemegn. She is one of the 50 dancers that took advantage of the Five Star Entertainment Company’s dance training programs.

Yetemegn claimed, “The company has assisted me in performing on worldwide stages and acquiring a variety of abilities.”

Ma Ning, the business’s owner and general director, told Xinhua that his organization wants to become well-known by offering young people the chance to show off their abilities.

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Ma stated that in order to prevent their (young people’s) talent, excitement, and potential from being wasted in the future owing to many obstacles.

The lack of training schools in the nation of East Africa, according to Ma, prevents young people from developing their talents and entering the entertainment sector.

On August 27, 2022, in Addis Abeba, Ethiopia, a model shows off a design during the Afro Vision Fashion Show. Wang Ping for Xinhua

According to Ma, who plans to build training schools to educate and assist young people in pursuing their aspirations of becoming well-known artists, she is hoping for financial rewards through promoting Ethiopian culture, tourism, and historical sites through art and musical performances.

Ma thinks that there aren’t enough national and international platforms for young Ethiopians to showcase their abilities.

A Chinese corporation has entered the Ethiopian domestic entertainment market in an effort to sell its manufactured goods, according to Michael Million, a well-known performer in Ethiopia.

According to Million, who spent some time in Beijing, the capital of China, to make a documentary, “the corporation has clearly understood the power of art to market its products and generate public trust.”

Million is certain that the business will make a significant contribution to the growth of the sector as well as the provision of much-needed venues for Ethiopian youth to showcase their skills on a global scale.

Asian culture is more similar to African culture than the west, according to Million, who also noted that Chinese people believe in cooperating and growing together.

The dance and artistic groups that entertained the Ethiopian artists and guests to their joy undoubtedly speak to the fact that China’s Five Star Entertainment Company would raise the bar for the Ethiopian entertainment sector, Million continued.