//Dubai Receives Stamp OF Approval For Safe Tourism Amid Pandemic

Dubai Receives Stamp OF Approval For Safe Tourism Amid Pandemic

As the world recovers from Covid-19 pandemic, Dubai has received a global safety and health stamp from the World Travel & Tourism Council to show the UAE’s commitment to reopening its tourism sector.

The WTTC, a council that represents private sector travel and tourism, created the Safe Travels stamp to enable tourists to identify destinations and businesses around the world that have adopted global standardized health and hygiene protocols. .

The seal dispenses advice to travel suppliers and travelers on the new approach to health, hygiene, deep cleaning and physical distancing, in the ‘new normal’ of a post-Covid-19 world .

The protocols were outlined based on the experience of WTTC members dealing with Covid-19 and based on guidelines from the World Health Organization and the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control.

As we reopen the entrance of Dubai to tourism and welcome our international visitors to the city, our top priority is their well-being, achieved through rigorous health and safety protocols that have been deployed at all points of contact. tourism, ”Helal Saeed Almarri, Managing Director, said the Dubai Tourism and Trade Marketing Department (Dubai Tourism).

“The WTTC Safe Travels stamp endorses Dubai’s strong global cooperation in fighting the pandemic with comprehensive and effective measures to ensure the health and safety of customers.

“We are convinced that our efforts not only provide an optimized experience for our visitors, but also secure their health and that of their families, further strengthening the confidence our customers have had so far in Dubai and encouraging people from all corners of the world. to visit one of the safest cities in the world this summer. ”

The UAE has been commended for its response to the coronaviruses. A survey by the Deep Knowledge Group, a consortium of tech companies and non-profit organizations, last month ranked the Emirates 11th on the list in its responses to the pandemic.

President and CEO of WTTC, Gloria Guevara said: “Our Safe Travels stamp is a huge success and we are delighted to see even more countries and popular destinations adopting our global health and hygiene protocols.

The achievement of the WTTC Safe Travels stamp shows its importance not only to countries and destinations, but also to travelers and the 330 million people worldwide who work and depend on the travel and tourism industry.