Zimbabwe teachers stike over pay as new term starts

Education: Zimbabwe teachers stike over pay as new term starts

Last updated on September 11th, 2021 at 08:22 am

Children in Zimbabwe have back to the classroom for the first time in six months considering the coronavirus outbreak.

But instructors are nowhere to be viewed as two unions went on strike on Monday in a dispute over pay, working conditions and COVID-19 shielding equipment.

The government shut faculties in March to prevent the unfold of the pandemic, which has infected 7,683 people and led to 225 deaths in Zimbabwe.

Many faculties have reopened this week as students prepare to take a seat their final exams.

“They did not flip up for responsibility and its early days but to come up with a conclusive position in terms of attendance however the most vital point is that teachers are no longer happy, teachers can’t survive, teachers couldn’t come to work,” stated Raymond Majongwe, Secretary General, Progressive Teachers Union of Zimbabwe.

Pay has been eroded after Zimbabwe switched from the US dollar to the use of its local foreign money two years ago.

“Teachers have misplaced their ranking in terms of our society, its sincerely an insult to be a teacher, its a curse and humans are without a doubt saying if authorities is straightforward address the troubles so that we don’t have people who are coming one hundred percentage day-to-day to faculty but they are physically absent, yet they are psychologically absent in these schools,” said Majongwe.