empowering women in africa through financial literacy and technology

Empowering women in Africa through financial literacy and technology

Mukuru’s role in women’s empowerment

In South Africa, the month of August carries special significance. It is Women’s Month; a period of national celebration and recognition of the indispensable role women play in shaping our societies.
Mukuru’s commitment to women’s empowerment is embedded in its operations and organisational structure. “40% of Mukuru women hold decision-making roles across C-suite, Executive Heads, Heads of Department, and Country Managers,” says Rheeder. Rheeder epitomises the success of women in the technology sector. She highlights Mukuru’s specific initiatives that aim to empower women, including partnerships with organisations like WeThinkCode to run women-only hackathons.
Mukuru leverages technology to uplift and empower women across Africa.

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Mukuru’s future plans for women’s empowerment

“We want to encourage women to take up the challenge and embrace that entrepreneurial spirit. Women love our technology as it empowers them to send money to their family.” “We are giving them a platform where they can grow and harness the potential to enter careers which they did not think were possible,” says Rheeder. So, this Women’s Month, we celebrate not just the women of South Africa, but also the companies like Mukuru that actively contribute to their empowerment.

Their dedication, hard work, and commitment embody the essence of this celebration, reminding us all of the enormous potential women hold and the extraordinary heights they can reach when given the opportunity.