papssn launches focus on space science and technology in africa 4 future development

PAPSSN launches Focus on Space Science and Technology in Africa 4 Future Development

The Pan African Planetary and Science Network (PAPSSN) launched its Focus on Africa Space Science and Technology 4 Future development (FAST4Future) programme at a consortium meeting. The programme aims to strengthen STEM education in African higher education institutions and promote sustainable growth and job creation in the continent’s evolving technology landscape.

Consortium members from Botswana, Nigeria, South Africa, Zambia, Italy and the AAC Space Africa team from Sweden have expressed their commitment to promoting STEM activities and are excited about the potential of FAST4Future to inspire the next generation of African innovators.

The main objectives of FAST4Future include increasing the accessibility of STEM education in higher education institutions across Africa, modernising existing global and scientific technology curricula to align them with industry standards, promoting internationalisation through staff mobility and knowledge exchange, and promoting the standardisation of global and scientific technology across the continent. By aligning curricula and skills, the programme aims to offer students better opportunities to study and gain practical experience in different institutions across Africa.