Empowering Women In Uganda Through Taxi Amidst COVID-19

Last updated on September 11th, 2021 at 08:19 am

Empowerment in Uganda is on a whole new level has they have initiated a empowerment scheme that empowers particularly the female gender, it is called the Diva Taxi. It’s a way eradicating unemployment in the country particularly when it comes to the female gender.

Interested women are to take a mandatory self defense lesson and a driving course for about six weeks. When they have been recruited in the Diva Taxi scheme.

Organization author, Gillian Kobusingye, is glad for her representatives, “Our women are incredibly dedicated, exceptionally spurred and I like their feeling of pride when they are accomplishing this work they are doing it with one heart contrasted with others.

Furthermore, that is the distinction we have to the contenders.”

Diva Taxi presently brags more than 70 drivers and cases an industry-low charge commission pace of 25% so as to see the ladies flourish.

Donna Ochen, a Diva Taxi driver, is content with the methods the expert open door monetarily bears her, “When I saw the Diva Taxi organization contacting all females who could be intrigued I chose to take it up in light of the fact that it would be an open door for me to serve and acquire and uphold my family with the profit that I’d get from driving.”

More women as applied for the Diva Taxi scheme, this will surely be the end of unwanted pregnancy, rape, cultism and most importantly Unemployment across the nation. Other African countries will be waiting for the final result, before venturing into an all based female drivers empowerment scheme.