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Exiled Rwandan opposition Activist Killed in South Africa

South Africa say opposition activist Seif Bamporiki, a resident of SA, was killed in Cape Town on Sunday afternoon in what police say was a robbery. Bamporiki he was deported to South Africa.

The killed activist Mr.AbdallahBamporiki, coordinator of the South African opposition party Rwanda National Congress was living in South Africa since his deportation. Officials who spoke on condition of anonymity said two assailants drove his car and killed him in a single shooting in Nyanga Township. , South African police said.

South African police say circumstances surrounding the killing are being investigated by Gugulethu police following an incident at around 4.20pm at a major European camp when a senior man was shot and killed. Meanwhile, according to media sharing South Africa police have launched an investigation regarding the shooting death of an opposition politician in Rwanda in dibadjoogga of Cape Town, which is a party called the target of death threats to Rwanda.

MrBamporiki owned a furniture store in Cape Town. He was delivering something from Nyanga town on Sunday when he was shot after confronting two men, police said. “The deceased was taken out of his car and shot while the 50-year-old man who was traveling with him managed to escape unharmed.

“The suspects have not yet been apprehended and fled in the deceased’s car, and we have reason to believe that the motive for the killing was robbery,” police added in a statement to the BBC.

According to local media in South Africa, hours before his assassination, Mr. Bamporiki attended a public ceremony in Cape Town in honor of members of the Rwandan National Congress who allegedly killed Mr. Kagame, according to party officials. In 2019, Mr. Bamporiki, along with several Rwandan opposition figures, have successfully obtained an order from the African Union court on human rights to return their revoked passports to Rwanda.