Explosions and killings in Mogadishu

Reports from Mogadishu say that there have been at least two explosions and killings by unknown assailants. A roadside bomb targeted Yaqshid district commissioner of Benadir region Ahmed Abdullahi Carif and accompanying police officers. The blast took place in Dar es Salaam district, and no casualties were reported except for a damaged vehicle. The blast targeted the governor and his entourage.

The blast, which was a remote-controlled landmine, is believed to have been carried out by Alshabab militants. Reports also say that the governor’s bodyguards fired several shots and launched an operation to find the perpetrators.

Meanwhile, another explosion took place in Mogadishu today. A landmine blast has hit a technical vehicle carrying government troops and there are reports of casualties in the blast, which took place on the road connecting the intersection of KM 4 and the Tarabumka.

More details are emerging from the official casualties caused by an early morning explosion in parts of Hodan district, which was a type of landmine.

Meanwhile, reports from Mogadishu say that two young men were killed and another was rushed to hospital with serious injuries inside the Bakara Market.

Roadside bombs and killings are on the rise in Mogadishu, which is often congested with heavy traffic. So far the government has not issued any statement and it appears that the government has not taken responsibility for the security of the people as it is busy with elections and suppressing the people and the protesters.