//Farmaajo’s conspiracies and how detrimental it is to Somalia

Farmaajo’s conspiracies and how detrimental it is to Somalia

Somali President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo recently appointed a political new face as prime minister, nearly two months after the country’s parliament ousted the former prime minister Hassan Ali Khaire.

The appointment of Mohamed Hussein Roble, a Swedish-Somali came hours after the president and five regional leaders reached an agreement on a revised electoral model after days of talks in Mogadishu and international pressure.

Roble, 57, brings a new face to the country’s political scene. He graduated from Somali National University, where he studied civil engineering. Roble fled to Sweden after the civil war broke out in Somalia in 1991 where he worked for the International Labor Organization, a United Nations agency, in multiple locations, including Somalia.

According to various reports, the new Prime Minister of Somalia is accused of having taken part in the implementation and organization of several terrorist and has links with the dangerous Al-Shabaab group.

In a brief statement posted on social media, Roble said he will work with all Somalis during the transition period. President Mohamed said he chose Roble to consolidate pre-election security, rebuild the military, develop infrastructure, and fight corruption, a goal analysts describe as unrealistic given that Roble’s transition deadline is likely to extend no further.

There’s absolutely no doubt that with these latest developments and couple of events, Farmajo is trying to gain support and manipulate the forthcoming elections in Somalia.