Somali President Farmajo

Farmajo again violates PM Roble’s agreement with Union of Candidates

Farmajo has again violated agreements aimed at resolving electoral disputes. Farmajo ruled out the possibility that the opposition should play a role in negotiating a solution but the conference announced that Saturday’s rally would be completely excluded from the opposition. Farmajo is facing political fears, trying to cheat and break the law by trying to get back in the seat by any reason.

The conference called by Farmajo completely removes the agreed clause that the opposition should indirectly participate in negotiations to resolve electoral disputes as they are an important part of electoral matters. It appears that the president is going to dismantle the negotiation process and undermined hopes to achieve a lasting solution related controversial issues.

Opposition candidates said this is unfortunate that illegitimate Farmajo want to put the country in a certain political status by deteriorating any forward talks. Outgoing President Farmajo does not want to hold elections in the country, instead he wants to continue the repression, lawlessness and violation of the constitution.

Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, a candidate for the presidency, has said that Farmajo has no right to lead the country as his term has ended 8th February, calling it illegal for Farmajo to run the country at this time.

” I have not said anything and nothing is being said but you know and I have said before that the president speaks in a spiritual way and he has no right to continue security and elections, ”said Hassan Sheikh.

Meanwhile, the interim government has imposed new restrictions on Covid 19, which appears to be undermining the public’s right to protest. The government’s failure to address the scourge ofCovid 19 has been used as a pretext to prevent protests, and this is a new way for the government to take people’s rights into account.