Somalia President Farmaajo

Farmajo wants extension and Election postponement

Last updated on September 11th, 2021 at 08:00 am

Opposition leaders agreed to postpone the planned protests on Friday, the 26th of this month, after the government and the candidates’ union agreed on a number of terms, including taking responsibility of attacks for the protests occurred 19 February. The government has also acknowledged that this was a violation of opposition leaders and is apologizing. Opposition leaders have agreed to postpone the protests for 10 months until the situation is restored. The government has said it will set up a commission to investigate what happened last Friday, which was a heinous act against opposition leaders and peaceful protesters.

According to reports, the outgoing President Farmajo has proposed to the Prime Minister to amend the constitution and extend his term in office. The proposal, which is another breach of law and corruption, would mean that Farmajo’s transitional government would once again create political turmoil to continue ruling the country.

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The illegitimate president has violated the constitution and is in office without re-election and his term ends on February 8th which is at the heart of the conflict so far. The Union of Candidates has previously stated that it will not recognize Farmajo after February 8.

Prime Minister Roble is now getting closing the two parties, but Farmajo’s dictatorial ambitions are once again trying to worsen the situation. If the president and the prime minister agree to extend Farmajo’s term, it will deepen the hopes of the Somali people and need to be met a plan to save this country in a difficult situation at this time.

The somali people have lost their patience and will not tolerate any more violations and repression.They are ready to once again show their concern by protesting against the outgoing government, and the people are saying let Farmajo go.