Somalia President Farmaajo

Farmajo’s Conference Fails Again and Saturday’s Demonstration

It again failed conference has already called by the outdated president as it was to convene today, to discuss issues related to electoral disputes the meeting was announced earlier by the outgoing President Farmajo who wanted to disrupt a joint rally of candidates and Prime Minister Roble.

In the past, planned conferences in Garowe and Mogadishu have failed, while State leaders rejected Farmajo’s oppression and dictatorship. Meanwhile, the two administrations of Puntland and Jubaland have welcomed any conference to resolve the disputed election issues but will not attend a conference to be held in an unsafe location following reports that the conference will be held at the Halane.

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The presidents of Jubaland and Puntland have also said they do not trust the illegitimate president Farmajo, describing him as a dictator who wants to oppress the Somali people. Civil society and academics have called it unfortunate that the president is obstructing talks to resolve electoral disputes.

Meanwhile, a spokesman for the protest organizing committee scheduled for Saturday, March 6, said they would hold demonstrations against the illegitimate president and the failed government, and vowed to oppose the government that has plunged the country into uncertainty and political turmoil.

The union said it would call for the community to participate together with protestors coming at DaljirkaDahsoon statue and other areas, and called on them to express their feelings.

Farmajo’s failures are due to the fact that he always announces meetings that he did not intend or did not get the approval of the people he was inviting, for unknown reasons, and he has now admitted that he has lost the credibility.