Floods: Thousands Of People Displaced From Their Homes In Burundi

Heavy floodings has displaced thousands from their homes and properties, this sad incident happened in the Mutimbuzi region in Bujumbura of the country. Floods has affected almost every part of Africa including countries like Sudan.

We are asking the public authority or different sponsors to assemble dams to shield the Rusizi River from our flood city,” one casualty said.

For natural specialists, notwithstanding the impacts of environmental change, the present circumstance is disturbed by helpless land arranging.

“These floods are brought about by environmental change. Yet, there is another exasperating variable which is land arranging, ” Jean-Marie Sabushimike, master in danger avoidance and fiasco the board told Africanews.

The National Platform for Risk Prevention and Disaster Management has suggested that individuals ought to be moved from this boundary territory of the DRC.