ghana becomes 112nd country to abolish death penalty

Ghana Becomes 112nd Country To Abolish Death Penalty

Ghana’s parliament has made a significant decision to abolish the death penalty in the country, joining other progressive African nations. 

This means that people who were previously sentenced to death will now have their punishments changed to life imprisonment. Ghana had 170 men and six women on death row before this decision was made.

The move to abolish the death penalty was supported by MP Francis-Xavier Sosu, who argued that it is important for society not to be inhumane and to respect the sanctity of life. 

With this decision, Ghana becomes the 29th African country and the 112th globally to do away with capital punishment.

Previously, certain crimes like murder and treason were punishable by death in Ghana. However, in recent times, no executions were carried out even though around seven people were sentenced to death in 2022.

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The abolishment of the death penalty will involve amending the Criminal Offences Act, and it was largely supported by the parliament’s Committee on Constitutional, Legal, and Parliamentary Affairs.

Now, Ghana aims to create a more humane and progressive society that respects the value of every individual’s life. The decision reflects the common belief in Ghana that the death penalty is too final and does not align with the country’s values.

Ghana’s move to abolish the death penalty has been praised by various individuals and organizations, who argue that the death penalty is not an effective form of punishment and may lead to instances of mob justice.

This demolition of the death penalty in Ghana and other African countries is a significant step towards human rights and justice in Ghana. 

The country is respecting the dignity and rights of all its citizens, and its government aligns with the global trend of eliminating the death penalty.