Guinea: Concern Grows Over Electoral Process Ahead Of Presidential Election

Last updated on September 11th, 2021 at 08:19 am

There’s concern amongst the citizen of Guinea ahead of the presidential election coming up over the electoral register and process.

The equipments have been sent-the polling forms, and the voting stations are set up. Over 90% of the appointive citizens’ cards have been conveyed.

As indicated by Mamadi Kaba, representative for Guinea’s National Independent Electoral Commission (Céni), everything is prepared for the nation’s official political race.

Yet, perhaps not generally. Just before the pivotal political race, a few individuals from the National Independent Electoral Commission (Céni) have raised issues about the appointive cycle.

An unexpected revelation marked by four chiefs of the foundation list on five pages affirmed breaks and infringement of the constituent code.

There’s still skepticism of the credibility of the forthcoming election knowing both candidates may be desperate for power especially the incumbent President. Some citizens has even clamoured for electronic voting system.