heinrich klaasen qualifying for wc 2023 is hard but south africa will try

Heinrich Klaasen: Qualifying for WC 2023 is hard but South Africa will try

South Africa travelled to India for a three-match t20 series and an ODI series. Unluckily, South Africa suffered a string of losses in both forms. Prior to the t20 world cup, the visitors were eager to build up some winning momentum, but it was not possible.

This series had a lot of good aspects. One of them was Quinton de Kock, who was back in shape. India and South Africa will compete in group games. A South African cricketer was advised that although the team would do its best, qualifying for the 2023 World Cup would be difficult.

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Henrich said, “To qualify for next year’s World Cup is going to be really hard but we are definitely going to try. Our goal at this moment is the T20 World Cup coming up in a couple of days time. We are not too worried about other things we can’t control at this moment. Every time we get on to the field wearing the South African jersey we want to win the game. We are just taking step by step, game by game at this moment.”

India recently defeated South Africa 2-1 in the ODI series. Super League is held before of the World Cup the following year. Every ODI match is taken into account. That would suggest that South Africa is actually in a terrible state. Even if they win the remaining ODIs, it still appears challenging. They must forfeit 30 ODI Super League points because their new t20 franchise’s maiden season will prevent them from competing.

Finally, Henrich Klaasen stated that he is well prepared for any eventuality. He recently scored 74 runs, and he thought that was one of the best innings ever given the circumstances.