is bolt safe in south africa

Is Bolt Safe In South Africa?

Bolt is famous in South Africa for providing a great ride in minutes. It is the smartest way to move across South Africa, covering Johannesburg, Pretoria, Polokwane, Cape Town, Durban, Pietermaritzburg, and Port Elizabeth. The Bolt app is sufficient for the perfect ride in South Africa. 

Bolt can bring safety features and tools to users in South Africa. The safety kit can be beneficial for travellers. Passengers may be covered by Bolt Trip Protection for unexpected injuries, medical expenses, and hospitalisations up to R30 000.

Bolt drivers do everything to drive safely. However, in case of accidents, the Bolt Trip Protection kit can help you. It provides support for covering unexpected incidents. 

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Is Bolt safe to use?

Bolt is safe to drive in South Africa. In case of emergency, the “SOS” button in the Bolt app would help. Bolt app’s Safety Toolkit can help in a medical emergency. The safety features in Bolt guarantee support to customers. 

Bolt is serving 35 cities and towns across South Africa. Security and safety are important factors in South Africa. It is famous like Uber in South Africa.

Bolt came under fire when women complained about an alleged unsafe condition. Women have spoken about being most vulnerable to drivers in Bolt. Some South African women have been sexually assaulted by Bolt South Africa drivers, according to reports.

A Bolt driver-partner was arrested and charged with two counts of rape. Almost 130 000 people demanded the arrest of the accused. They urged Bolt SADC regional manager Gareth Taylor to verify the information about the drivers. 

Bolt has introduced many safety interventions for customers in South Africa. Now, Bolt requires additional criminal background checks to be a driver for the platform.

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