Jacob Zuma appoints a new lawyer and threatens to spill the beans in corruption proceedings

It’s yet unclear whether the Jacob Zuma corruption trial will resume on its scheduled date, but the former South African president has made a big change to his counsel.

There has been long-standing speculation over the extent of the 78-year-old’s involvement in the infamous Arms Deal, which has been aided by numerous court appeals that have delayed the progress of the much-awaited trial.

Jacob Zuma seeks to clear his name

Ahead of the scheduled resumption of the court proceedings – penned down for 6 May – Zuma has appointed Eric Mabuza, who recently represented axed Old Mutual chief executive, Peter Moyo against the insurance giant.

In a statement issued out over the weekend, the Jacob Zuma foundation says the former state president sought to “dispel the much-repeated and tired narrative that seeks to suggest that in previously exercising his rights, former president Zuma sought to avoid his day in court or was adopting what the state calls Stalingrad tactics”

Zuma prepares for the trial of his life

Zuma has previously been represented by a high-profile ensemble led by Daniel Mantsha, who has been relieved of his duties to make way for Mabuza.