kenya airways signs deal to buy 40 flying electric taxis

Kenya Airways Signs Deal To Buy 40 Flying Electric Taxis

In the latest development, Kenya Airways has signed a deal with Eve Holding Inc to purchase 40 flying electric taxis. Kenya Airways will introduce these taxis through its subsidiary, Fahari Aviation.

Brazilian company EVE UAM LLC will bring the Electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing (eVTOLs) aircraft to Kenya. eVTOL is an electric-powered cruise vehicle with multiple rotors used to take off vertically without the need for runways. 

Kenya Airways deal

Kenya Airways will support Eve’s aircraft and product development process. Eve will work with Fahari to establish its mobility network. The national carrier will also establish a business model for drone cargo operations.

The Letter of Intent (LOI) has also been signed by the companies. According to the notice, the deal also makes provision for joint studies to develop and scale the Urban Air Mobility market in Kenya.

Kenya Airways’ Group Chief Executive Officer, Allan Kilavuka, said that the deal is important for the country. He said, “The journey to realise the dream of eVTOL vehicles in Kenya is on course and the partnership with EVE UAM is an achievement for us.”

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Kenya Airways will receive flying taxis from 2026

Reportedly, the company will not take delivery of the aircraft until 2026. Embraer’s Eve is currently undergoing a certification process in Brazil and is scheduled to enter service in 2026.

During this time, Fahari Aviation will continue to work on strategies to address issues like traffic jams, efficient parcel delivery, agriculture and wildlife protection. 

Meanwhile, Kenya Airways has started ferrying cargo on behalf of South African Airways for the development of the aviation sector. The Airways wants to expand its cargo business. Kenya Airways and Delta Air Lines have also expanded their agreement to include additional U.S. markets and more flights within Africa. 

Kenya Airways was founded in 1977 after the dissolution of East African Airways.