Kidnapped American Citizen in Niger Rescued In Northern Nigeria – US

Last updated on September 11th, 2021 at 08:17 am

A US citizen in the person of Philip Walton has been rescued by the US Seal Team in northern Nigeria, he was originally abducted in Niger by Gunmen who are originally from Niger.

Friday night, a US joint uncommon activities power moved in Nigeria, right over the outskirt, to save the American.

” They went in with an enormous gathering, zero losses. We have our American resident, youngster, we got our young fellow back”, US President Donald Trump stated, as political race day.

Niger has confronted a developing number of assaults by fanatics connected to both the Islamic State gathering and to al-Qaida. Walton’s kidnapping came two months after Islamic State-connected aggressors killed 6 guide laborers and their 2 aides in the area.

Now that Philip Walton has been rescued the government authorities in US will begin investigation into other kidnapped cases in the time past.