libya lawmakers criticize election commission

Libya lawmakers criticize election commission

 LibyaLibya – Some of the pro-Haftar Libyan officials have shown their disappointment toward the country’s election commissions as well as the judicial poll supervisors. As per a report, the Libyan lawmakers have advised above officials to be cautious and be accountable for the upcoming presidential elections.

The election commission remains silent towards all the recent happenings around the election process. Many allegations have arisen due to the repeated structure of corruption in the system but the election commissions remain ignorant towards it.

According to what the discussions of the deputy’s have concluded, the officials believe that the commission has a silent treatment towards important matters and they are silent over suspicions of fraud, vote-buying, and attempts to influence the judiciary. This particular statement was agreed upon by 70 of the officials.

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The agreement was signed after the court of first instance ordered the dismissal of putschist Gen. Khalifa Haftar from the Dec. 24 presidential polls. It was after analysis done by a new agency, it was found out that most of them were pro-Haftar.

The ruling is extremely crucial as the ruling that came against the Haftar last Tuesday was a setback for the group and the country can still witness a protest all over the country. The presidential as well as the parliamentary elections are scheduled for December 24, 2021 and as per the order by the United Nations, they have to go ahead with the election under the understanding reached by the Libyan political rivals.