final call on libyan elections has been taken authorities decided to call off the elections

Final call on Libyan elections has been taken, authorities decided to call off the elections

Last updated on December 23rd, 2021 at 08:07 am

 Libya Libya – After going back and forth on the decision to go ahead with elections, Libya has announced that it will not be proceeding with the scheduled elections due to the disguises that are taking place in the nation including an increase in political plight and infighting.

On Wednesday, the Libyan parliamentary stated that after such a long wait, they have concluded that it is impossible to conduct presidential elections. This means that the official attempt to put the peace process back on track has finally been disrupted due to the ongoing chaos in the nations.

There have been numerous suggestions and observations about the Libyan elections but this was the first official statement that the parliament made regarding the electoral process saying that the voting will no longer be happening on Friday.

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The delay was widely expected because the pressure to conduct safe elections was mounting on the government. Many still stress that if they hold the elections even for the time being or postpone it, there are high chances of destabilization and it may lead to a political setback.

“The current mobilization of forces affiliated with different groups creates tensions and increases the risk of clashes that could spiral into conflict,” a UNSMIL statement stated.  

On Tuesday, the election commission disbanded the electoral committees and the thing never came to declaring a final list of candidates as it was supposed to. The United Nations Support Mission which is in action in Libya had earlier expressed concern about the security situation in capital Tripoli. Through this voting process, the UN-led peace process would have sustained after a cease-fire between the east and the west side last year. However, even till the very end, no final list of the candidates was published.