libyas presidential candidates have called for unity

Libya’s presidential candidates have called for unity

 Libya Libya – After the postponement of the presidential election, Libya’s presidential candidates have called for unity.

The presidential contenders in Libya are demanding that the elections be held on Friday, as planned. Despite a recent request to postpone the Friday elections for a month, the candidates gathered Tuesday and urged for unity.

“Libya’s presidential candidates are holding a meeting today to unite national efforts in response to the challenges and events that our beloved country is facing these days, and out of respect for over a million and a half Libyan voters who are waiting for the scheduled date of the presidential and parliamentary elections,” said Fathi Bashagha, one of the presidential candidates.

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The Libyan Electoral Commission requested on Wednesday to postpone the presidential election slated for December 24 by one month, soon after a parliamentary committee ruled that holding it on that date was “impossible.” The HNEC noted “inadequate electoral legislation addressing the role of the judiciary un electoral appeals and disputes” as one of these factors.

“The High Electoral Commission has proposed that the first round of the election be postponed to January 24, 2022, after consultation with parliament. The legislature will take the necessary steps to remove barriers to the election process “In a statement, it said. “The appeals procedure was a critical juncture in the electoral process. Because of factors beyond the control of those in charge of the process, all efforts to bring this historic deadline to a successful completion came to a halt at that point “The Electoral Authority clarified the situation.