Ernest Bai Koroma

NEWS: Ex-President of Sierra Leone Questioned About Corruption Investigation

Last updated on September 11th, 2021 at 08:14 am

Sierra Leonean former president Ernest Bai Koroma has been question by an independent commission for alleged corruption scheme during his time as the president of Sierra Leone. Koroma isn’t the only African past president investigated for corruption.

Koroma, 67, was addressed at a mystery area after his hearing was dropped twice for security reasons, a commission part said.

An individual from Koroma’s office affirmed the conference minus any additional remark.

A few previous Koroma organization authorities have just been captured as a feature of the battle against defilement and misuse of public assets dispatched by his replacement, President Julius Maada Bio, who has vowed to recuperate a huge number of dollars that have vanished.

Koroma has maintained his innocence in any corruption allegations insisting he has done no wrong, he further said he didn’t misappropriate any public fund while in office.