Niger: Second Round Of Votes To Elect New President

There will be a second round of votes for the presidential election in the country, this is in accordance to the statement issued by the Constitutional court in Niger. The second round of vote will be coming up on February 21, Mohamed Bazoum remains the favourite to win the presidential election having led in the first round of votes.

The court noticed that no applicant had gotten an outright lion’s share of votes in the first round” — whose revocation, fractional or complete abrogation asserted by resistance competitors was dismissed by the Court.

“The Court gets the solicitation of the President of the Independent National Electoral Commission (Céni) in the structure, approves and announces the end-product of the first round of the official appointment of December 27 2020. The court, in this manner, pronounces Mohamed Bazoum and Mahamane Ousmane competitors in the second round of the official decisions.”

Mohamed Bazoum leads with 39.3% of the complete 5.1 million votes followed by ex-president Mahamane Ousmane at 16.98%.