nigeria ranks 7th in mobile phone usage, 11th in internet reach ncc

Nigeria Ranks 7th In Mobile Phone Usage, 11th In Internet Reach: NCC

Nigeria has been ranked seventh in the world for mobile phone usage and eleventh for internet reach, according to the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC). 

This means that a lot of people in Nigeria use mobile phones and have access to the internet. In fact, Nigeria accounts for 82% of all telecom customers and 29% of all internet usage in Africa.

The NCC is calling for more investments and collaboration to help Nigeria take advantage of emerging technologies. They believe that digital transformation is important on a global scale in order to maximize the benefits of the digital era. 

The NCC has analyzed the performance of 131 economies in terms of technology, people, governance, and impact. Nigeria ranks eleventh in the world for internet penetration and seventh for mobile phone usage.

Despite these impressive rankings, Nigeria’s Network Readiness Index (NRI) ranking for 2022 is 109th out of 131 countries. This means that there is still room for improvement in terms of being ready for the digital era. 

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The NCC believes that innovation, strategic investments, and a growth-friendly ecosystem are necessary to navigate this era of transformation.

The NCC encourages policymakers, investors, and stakeholders to use the insights provided by the NRI to guide their decisions and collaborate to harness the potential of emerging technologies. 

They believe that by working together and investing in the right areas, Nigeria can further improve its rankings and fully benefit from the digital era.

In 2022, Nigerians sent and received over 25.93 billion text messages within the country, according to the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC). This is a 28.82% increase compared to the previous year. 

The report also showed that MTN had the highest number of text messages exchanged. Additionally, there were 59.57 million international text messages sent and 459.33 million received. 

The NCC’s annual report also revealed that Nigerians spent N3.33 trillion on calls, data, SMS, and other telecom services in 2022.