nigerian film 'the black book' shatters netflix records globally

Nigerian Film ‘The Black Book’ Shatters Netflix Records Globally

In a heartwarming tale of triumph, Anakle Films proudly presents “The Black Book,” a cinematic masterpiece that transcends borders, capturing the emotions and stories of viewers worldwide. 

What is the Black Book About

According to FlixPatrol, the film’s global appeal propelled it to the #1 position on Netflix worldwide within three days of release, marking a historic milestone for African cinema on the global stage.

Directed by the visionary Editi Effiong, “The Black Book” weaves the poignant story of Paul Edima, a former military and drug cartel hitman in Nigeria. Edima’s life is a mosaic of assassinations, coups, abductions, and drug operations. After three decades of a peaceful life, he’s reluctantly pulled back into the shadows when his only son falls victim to a gang of corrupt policemen.

In just a few weeks since its debut, “The Black Book” has embraced over 20 million souls and held a place on Netflix’s top 10 list for three consecutive weeks in 69 countries. In a sea of African films, it stands as a beacon of hope for the continent’s cinematic future.

Effiong reflects, “The success of ‘The Black Book’ proves that African stories, told by Africans, can be universally relatable. Great storytelling transcends borders. While our inspiration comes from Nigeria, our themes resonate worldwide, from South America to South East Asia. South Korea’s love for the film, where it topped Netflix’s charts, is a testament to this. ‘The Black Book’ has not just altered perceptions of Nigerian cinema; it’s set a new standard.”

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Cast of the Black Book

The film boasts an ensemble cast of Africa’s finest actors, including Richard Mofe-Damijo, Alex Usifo, Sam Dede, Denola Grey, Shaffy Bello, and Ireti Doyle. “The Black Book” is a tapestry of a fictional narrative that dives deep into the complex history of a West African nation’s struggle with military rule, drug trade, and politics, all seen through the eyes of a retired hitman seeking justice.

The film’s production brought together professionals from six countries, uniting their talents to create magic. From the USA and UK to Guadeloupe, South Africa, and Nigeria, they harnessed cutting-edge audio-visual technology on a scale Nigeria had never seen before. Pre-production began in 2020, with lead actors undergoing intensive training in martial arts and weaponry skills under the guidance of stunt and tactical trainers. 

The film was shot over four months at various locations in Nigeria, unveiling hidden gems like the Cathedral of the Holy Cross, Lagos’ Apapa Port, and the Old Railway Compound in Kaduna. The team even constructed elaborate sets and sound stages, a rarity in Nigerian cinema, to bring pivotal scenes to life.

Anakle Films is a passionate storyteller dedicated to inspiring the next generation of African narratives. Nestled in Lagos, Nigeria, the Anakle Films team creates visual stories, ranging from short films to TV/Online commercials and documentaries. Their latest creation, “The Black Book,” unleashed in September 2023, has set a new standard for African cinema, forging a bond with audiences worldwide that transcends culture and borders. It’s a testament to the power of stories that are not just told but lived.