one piece south africa's surprised sensation on netflix

One Piece: South Africa’s Surprised Sensation On Netflix

One Piece, a Netflix show based on a popular Japanese manga, has become a huge success in South Africa. It has been renewed for a second season for manga fans.

A Netflix show that was actually made in South Africa has skyrocketed to number one on the streaming platform, and the best part is that it’s been renewed for a second season.

The show is called “One Piece,” and it’s not just any ordinary series. It’s based on one of Japan’s most popular manga franchises, also named “One Piece.” 

This manga has been a massive hit, with over 500 million copies sold worldwide since it first hit shelves in 1997. That’s a whole lot of fans eagerly waiting for this adaptation.

Creatives of One Piece

Now, what makes “One Piece” even more special is the collaboration behind the scenes. It brought together creative minds from both the United States and Japan. The creator of the original manga, Eiichiro Oda, was actively involved in overseeing the cast and characters.

The US team focused on storytelling, ensuring that this unique partnership brought out the best in the series. 

Interestingly, the decision was made to produce the show in English, which is a bit different from typical anime adaptations.

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No.1 TV Title On Netflix Worldwide

This collaboration proved to be a winning formula, as the show quickly became the number one watched TV title globally on Netflix. It attracted a whopping 37.8 million views in just the first 10 days after its August 31st release. 

Fans of the manga were thrilled to see their beloved characters come to life, and they couldn’t resist sharing their excitement on social media.

Netflix recognized the success and thus decided to continue with its sequel. They’ve officially renewed “One Piece” for a second season. While they haven’t announced all the details just yet, we can expect more adventures from our favorite young pirates.

Review: ‘One Piece’ Netflix Show

Now, as for my quick review of the show, I have to say, it’s a bit of a wild ride. The series is based on the first arc of the manga, known as the East Blue Arc, and it’s got a lot going for it. 

The plot moves along swiftly, following the classic shonen “villain-of-the-week” format, which keeps things exciting. 

Most of the characters are well-rounded and stay true to their manga origins, making them relatable and engaging.

However, there’s a unique stylistic approach that might take some getting used to. The show’s tone can be a bit all over the place, veering from goofy absurdism to intense fight scenes and more serious themes. 

At times, it felt like the series was trying to mimic comic book panels, which added to the aesthetic complexity.

One last thing, the main character, Monkey D. Luffy, might be a bit polarizing. This typical shonen hero is loud, excitable, and singularly focused. While some viewers might find him endearing, others (myself included) could find his constant yelling a tad grating.

However, “One Piece” on Netflix is a unique and enjoyable experience, especially if you’re a fan of the original manga. 

The action sequences are top-notch, and the characters really grow on you. So, if you haven’t checked it out yet, give it a go. Who knows, you might just join the ranks of “One Piece” fans worldwide!