officials report 26 deaths in sudan due to a dengue fever outbreak

Officials report 26 deaths in Sudan due to a dengue fever outbreak

On Wednesday, Sudanese health officials reported that at least 26 people had died as a result of the current outbreak of dengue fever, which is one of the worst the country has experienced in recent years. In the southern Kordofan region, which was one of the regions in which the outbreak was originally reported by the Sudanese Doctors Committee in the beginning of November, there were around twenty deaths that were registered. Several local news sites say that the real number of cases is much higher than what the government says.

Dengue fever causes symptoms similar to those of the flu and frequently results in organ failure and death. According to the World Health Organization, an outbreak that occurred in Sudan in 2019 was responsible for the deaths of five people. At the height of the rainy season in Sudan, in the months of August and September, flash flooding caused the deaths of at least 144 people and the destruction of tens of thousands of homes, in addition to highways and other essential infrastructure.

According to a statement released by Montasir Mohamed Osman, who serves as the chief of the health emergency and epidemic control department at the Sudanese Health Ministry, there have been 26 fatalities, 462 confirmed cases, and 3,439 suspected cases of dengue fever documented across 9 states. Most of the cases that were recorded came from North Kordofan, then West Kordofan, and finally North Darfur.
Some of the necessary steps that have been taken by the ministry include giving out medicines and blood, doing daily monitoring and investigation operations, and giving out a contact number for reports of infections and suspected cases. Some of the necessary actions that have been taken include sending teams to fight the disease carrier in the states.

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Since October, there have been a total of 1,068 confirmed cases of dengue fever reported in Sudan, according to the United Nations. Dengue fever is a disease that is transmitted by mosquitoes and is most common in tropical regions of the world. It typically spreads in close proximity to still bodies of water.

Dengue fever is a mosquito-borne illness that can be found in tropical and subtropical countries all over the world. Dengue fever can cause a high fever, headache, aches in the joints and muscles, and even bleeding from the gums and nose if the disease gets worse.