on sunday, ecowas will hold its regular summit (2)

On Sunday, ECOWAS will hold its regular summit

Nigeria Nigeria On Sunday, December 12th, the presidents of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) will meet in Abuja, Nigeria’s capital, for an ordinary summit. The leaders will examine terrorism and violent extremism in the sub-region, the implementation of the shared currency, and two political crises in Mali and Guinea, both of which have seen coups in recent months.

The council will also consider how to deal with Mali’s authorities, who have declined to agree to holding elections on February 27, 2022. Last month, ECOWAS imposed a series of sanctions on Mali’s leaders, including travel restrictions and asset freezes across the continent. Guinea’s new administration has yet to lay out a timetable for the transition.

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Colonel Mamadi Doumbouya and his entourage had previously been denied permission to leave the country. ECOWAS may extend these penalties to the entire government team. On the other hand, the civilian and military governments are working to meet ECOWAS’s expectations. Alpha Condé has been transferred to his wife’s home, despite the fact that he is still under house arrest.

Guinea has also formed a government, with the national transitional council consisting of 81 members. The Council of Ministers convened in Abuja on Friday to examine some of these concerns ahead of the heads of state summit on Sunday.